Designing t-shirts is big business. Why? Because t-shirts are inexpensive to buy, easy to customize and very comfortable to wear. Only a very small percentage of the population goes their entire lives without wearing a t-shirt, and that does not include those odd fellows who only wear t-shirts as undershirts. If you want to be a t shirt designer because you think it will bring fame and fortune, you have a lot of competition already. Here are some tips  to help you compete in this market.

Know What Is Trending and Predict What Is Next

Most t-shirt companies and designers are not haute couture, but they are still part of the fashion world. As such, most of them keep up with what is trending so that they can produce t-shirts consumers want. T-shirt designers that excel and companies that succeed have one extra thing in common-- they can predict what the next trend is and prepare products in advance. If you can do both of these things with your t-shirt designs, you may just succeed yet.

Screen Printing on a Small Scale vs. Screen Printing Services

If your designs will require some screen printing, do you know how you are going to go about this? Sure, you can buy the equipment and print shirts on demand in your garage or basement, but what happens if you are suddenly swamped with orders? When you do not expect or predict your business to take off quite so quickly, you might be in a lot of trouble. The good news is that you can choose to print the shirts on a small scale in your home business office, or you can hire screen printing companies to print a couple cases of shirts in each size, color, and design so that you can accumulate some profits and have the screen printing company print more. The latter is usually the smarter choice.

What Excites You May Not Excite Somebody Else

Have a variety of designs because what  you think is awesome and cool may not be someone else's idea of awesome and cool. For example, if you love tie-dye, you are really only appealing to others who love tie-dye, and you are missing out on sales to everyone else. Fashion buyers for big name-brand companies already know this, which is why they buy a variety of items to sell in various "collections" and appeal to a broader cross-section of consumers. Test-marketing t-shirt designs on the public is one way to find out if a t-shirt design will succeed or fail