An effective marketing and branding campaign almost always includes a brochure. But not just any brochure will do. Yours must be attention-grabbing, informative and compelling. Color, design, and photos may be what make someone pick up your brochure, but your brochure has to have substance as well. You should spend as much time and money on the content of your brochure as you do its design, maybe even a bit more. After all, the content does the actual selling. If you're creating a brochure, include these four vital elements. 

Stunning Headlines

More people, as many as five times more, will read the headlines of something without moving onto the body copy. Naturally, your headlines should tell your readers what you're offering them and why they need it. However, you have to keep them concise and tailored to your audience. Long, clunky headlines will turn off readers, causing them to skim and dismiss your brochure. You want to draw them in with the headlines. You want them to read more. After all, it's the content under the headlines that's actually going to inform them.

Client Education

Your brochure should clearly outline what you offer and why it's of benefit to the reader. Educate and inform your audience. Give them the knowledge they need to make a sound decision, a decision that involves purchasing your product or service. Use statistics and back your statements up with credible sources. 

Company Insights

Tell consumers why they should choose your company over other similar companies. Do you offer home visits or something else that your competitors don't? If so, include it in your brochure. If you have a special company culture that you're proud of, include that as well. Many big brands have used their company culture, such as being a family company or a green company, to attract customers. If you've received significant awards and/or accolades, you can include that as well. 

Call to Action

Every brochure needs a call to action. Your readers need to know what you want them to do next. Ask them to call to set up an appointment or invite them to your shop, and make it sound appealing. Leave them with the feeling that good things are going to happen if they follow through. 

A stunning, effective brochure will grab attention, inform your clients, tell them what sets you apart, and ask them to do something. If your brochure has all of these elements plus an appealing design, you're well on your way to attracting more clients. Once you've got great copy and a great design, contact a company like Sunrise Printing & Mailing to do the printing.