It can be very hard to promote yourself or your company in this day and age. There are conferences that you can go to for your specific speciality, but it still seems like there needs to be a good way to promote yourself other than a resume. It is always good to give a resume, but it seems that there should be something that can help you stand apart from the crowd. One thing that you may want to consider is a miniature folding business card. There are many different reasons that you should consider putting your information on a miniature folding card and here are just a few. 

Fit A Ton Of Information On A Small Card

There are traditional business cards, and they work, but a miniature folding card is going to allow you to put much more information on your card than just your name and number. With a miniature folding card you will be able to put this information on your card, but you are also going to be able to put some of your background and your qualifications. Think of it as a small resume that you are going to be able to hand a potential employer. 

Look Very Professional

Not very many people are going to have professionally made miniature folding business cards, so it will help you stand apart from the crowd. The great news is that you can make them look extremely professional. The printing company will be able to print on any type of paper, so you can print on a gloss paper and really make it stick out. You will also be able to print a school logo, a personal logo, or even a slogan that you live by. All these different things to put on your card and it will make you stand out from the hundreds of others looking for the same job. 

Return On Investment

Finding a job is very tough in specific markets and you need to do anything that you can to get a job. A miniature folding card is not going to get lost in a pile of resume's or business cards. A miniature folding card is going to set you back in your wallet, although they can be relatively cheap, however it is going to be worth every single penny if it helps you stick out and ends up landing you a job. 

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