A copy machine can be a huge convenience to any workplace. In just a matter of seconds, you can print out dozens of copies of a document. It is a lot easier than using a standard printer, which takes longer and isn't designed to print out basic copies as fast. However, there may be plenty of times when the convenient copier isn't so convenient. Instead of getting frustrated, learn how to troubleshoot the copier problems on your own. This guide goes over some of the most common issues with copiers and how to fix them.

Pages Have Spots on Them

The last thing you want is for the copied pages to be less than perfect. One of the common problems with a copier is that it may print out pages with spots on them. If the spots are randomly placed each time, you should thoroughly clean out the drums on the machine. If you notice defects on the drums, they should be replaced. If the spots are in the same place on every page, try cleaning off the mirror or glass inside the copy machine.

Pages Are Crinkled After Printing

Another common issue that you may notice with the copier is the pages coming out crinkled. You definitely don't want to be handing out papers that have crinkles in them. This points to a problem with the paper tray. Most specifically, the rollers on the tray. If the rollers look defected or worn, you should replace them immediately. If you don't, crinkled papers will turn into paper jams which is another whole problem itself.

Pages Are Jammed Inside the Copier

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to deal with a paper jam, especially if you are in a rush or on a deadline. There are several reasons that may cause the copier to become jammed, including:

  • Improper paper placement inside the copier

  • Wrong size paper used

  • Incorrect alignment

  • Feed tires are sticky from dust inside the copier

To fix the first three, you simply need to realign the copier, select the correct size paper and line it up correctly. For the last issue, you should routinely wipe down the feed tires to keep them clean.


If you have tried all the steps to fix the issues and the copier is still malfunctioning, it may be time to have a professional repair the machine. Depending on the problem or the age of the copier, a replacement may be necessary. Contact a company, likeHigh Sierra Business Systems, for more help.