For clever and crafty packaging ideas for your handcrafted soaps, oils, lotions, or other products, look no further than your local printer. When it comes to packaging your products, use quality materials and inventive ideas to highlight your product while keeping costs down.

Some simple ideas for your beauty products include:

Wrap soaps with cigar-bands. If you make your own soap, consider wrapping bars with cigar bands, printed on brown crafting paper or cardstock. This allows your customers the chance to smell your samples and provides air for the cured soap. Ask printing professionals to cut the bands to fit your soap, and to imprint each one with your soap name, company logo, and ingredient list.

Bag up anything. It is amazing how versatile glassine bags can be; they are perfect for protecting your product, especially when you add a colorful label. Look for clear, acrylic bags that highlight your product and that will accommodate adhesive labels, also available from your printer.

Don't forget the cards. Don't miss an opportunity to market and advertise your business. Invest in small postcards or business cards with your company information and pictures of your products. Order these from your favorite printer and enclose in each package to avoid drag marks and to provide company information.

Show off with pillow-packs. For a sophisticated touch, use plastic or acrylic pillow-packs with personalized cards for your products. Slide the cards inside to provide a backdrop for your soap or bath bomb, as well as pertinent information related to what the contents of the package are. These are stylish and affordable; talk to your printer about various options.

Order something special. Perhaps your product merits unique packaging solutions, like custom-sized boxes with windows or filler, like shredded paper or Styrofoam peanuts. Go the extra mile to make sure the package is attractive and high-end with quality materials from your retailer. Buy recycled filler, paper, and even labels to give your product some distinction.

Stock up on shipping materials. When visiting your printer for packaging, don't forget about shipping materials for your products. You will want something to make the package stand out to the consumer, but that also fits the guidelines and parameters of the shipping vendor. Ask your supplier about cost-effective options and bring in samples of your products for the most accurate pricing estimates.

Visit printing businesses to order quality materials for packaging your handcrafted products. Talk to the professional printers about how to make a lasting impression on your clients while protecting the integrity of your merchandise.