You are probably amazed that the summer is almost over and yet it might feel as though it just began. That's how fast the time will fly until Christmas holidays are upon you. If you are a person who likes to plan ahead, you are probably already shopping, or at least you are already making a list. From making a plan to buying pre printed shipping labels for mailing gifts to out-of-towners, here are some ideas that might help you as you.

Make A Plan - As you write down the list of people to whom you'll be giving gifts, think of writing down which presents will need to be mailed out of town. By doing so, you might consider shopping for those gifts first so that you can send them out around the first or second week in December. Or, if it's a gift for an entire family and it's one that can be enjoyed during the Christmas holidays, think about sending the gift for it to arrive right after Thanksgiving Day. For example, let's say that you are giving a family wonderful treats and movie tickets. Wouldn't it be fun for them to enjoy that gift during the time kids are out of school for the holidays? If you want the recipient to open gifts on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day, don't forget to put words like, Save For Christmas on the package.

Buy Pre-printed Labels - Consider ordering pre-printed shipping labels with your name and address as part of their design. The, when it's time to pack your gift for mailing, all you'll need to do is to add the recipient's mailing address. Another idea is to order pre-printed labels with a Christmas design on them, say a Santa Claus or a Christmas tree. The business where you order the labels will more than likely have many designs from which you can make your choice. And, while you're at it, think of buying regular pre-printed shipping labels that you can use during the rest of the year. If you to have unique shipping labels, consider choosing fancy print for the words. You can even order shipping labels that have your monogram in the background. Do you need stocking stuffer ideas? Consider buying pre-printed shipping labels for some of the people who are on your Christmas list. The great thing about pre-printed shipping labels is that. besides being convenient to use, they are also very affordable.