Finding the right gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list can be a real challenge. Many adults already have everything they need, and the presents they want might be out of your price range. Fleece blankets are items that everyone can find a use for.

Creating custom photo blankets for your loved ones can be a great way to show your love while gifting a unique item that your recipients are sure to cherish for a lifetime.

1. Pick a theme for your blanket.

Before you put in your order for custom photo blankets, it's important that you take the time to select a theme for your project. Thanks to smartphones and portable cameras, today's families are taking more photos than ever before. This means that you will probably have quite a few photographs to choose from.

Deciding on a theme can help you narrow down your photos to a select few. The theme will also ensure that your photographs maintain cohesion when they are placed next to one another and printed on your fleece blankets.

2. Use both sides of the blanket.

If you are struggling to fit all of the images you want to incorporate into your blanket design on the front of the project, feel free to utilize the back of the blanket as well. Creating a design on both sides of your blanket will allow recipients to display a different design based on their changing desires.

Even if you don't have enough photos to fill up two sides of a blanket, you can put a favorite quote or other written sentiment on the back of the blanket. Utilizing all the available space gives you the most bank for your buck.

3. Edit all of your photographs.

It's easy to overlook minor flaws when you are viewing photographs on your mobile phone or tablet. Once your photos are enlarged and printed on a fleece blanket, all minor flaws become major eyesores. You must take the time to edit all of your photographs before ordering a custom photo blanket.

View your images on a large computer screen, and take the time to adjust the lighting in each photograph for maximum cohesion. You should also crop, rotate, and sharpen your photographs to ensure that your custom fleece blankets turn out as attractive as possible.

Memorialize your friends and family this holiday season by creating custom photo blankets to use as gifts.