Is your organization creating a display at a major trade show? If so, you know there are a huge number of steps that must be taken to get the most out of the money that you are paying for your floor space. A huge amount of planning and expense goes into the average trade show exhibit, so it can be tempting to design or even print your graphics yourself. While this is certainly an option for organizations that are on a budget, there are a huge number of advantages that come from hiring a professional trade show display printing service for your design and printing needs.

Professionals Offer a Wide Variety of Display Types

Your business is looking to use its trade show display to build brand recognition and create meaningful business-to-business relationships, so it is vitally important to create an appearance of professionalism. The last thing you want is for your displays to look like a high school science project or as if they were created from the sales rack of a local craft store. When you create your display yourself, your options tend to be limited, and that is likely to show in the final product.

On the other hand, professional services can offer a huge range of unique display types. Everything from basic printed panel walls to complex truss designs well suited to large booths is available. Professional printing services will also understand the limitations that come with display booths and can help you to select an option that fits both within your budget and within the amount of floor space available for your display.

Print Graphic Design Is Complex

Even if you or someone else on your team is a skilled graphic designer, there are unique challenges that come from designing for print. This is especially true when designing graphics that are intended to represent your business in an environment as overloaded with information as the average trade show. Not only do you need to grab the attention of passersby, but you also want your booth to stand out from across the room. Designing for these constraints is challenging and requires not only an understanding of graphic design but also of the particular printing techniques that will be used to create your displays.

Even if you will be designing the graphics yourself, consulting with a professional printer can help you to identify and correct issues. These may be anything from minor resolution problems that will affect the final printed product to fundamental issues with the size or placement of elements. A simple consultation before printing can potentially offer huge benefits to the effectiveness of your final display.

Many Printing Companies Offer Additional Services

In addition to the design and display benefits that come from working with professionals, the printing services company you contract with may also offer additional services. Many companies offer everything from display rentals to temporary staffing for the booth. If your organization is working with particularly tight budgetary or personnel constraints, these services can be especially helpful. It can also be useful to have staff that are familiar with working with the company's own displays, making your set-up and tear-down process go that much more smoothly.

Whatever your particular trade show display needs, working with experienced trade show professionals can help your organization have the most successful exhibit possible.