Most businesses need a copy machine to produce duplicates of documents for various business deals. However, it is advisable to buy the right copier to get quality copies. But with numerous options available, it can be challenging to choose the most suitable machine. The following are four factors to consider when buying a new copy machine.  

1. Functions

With the advancement of technology, modern copy machines can offer more functions than making copies of documents. They can also print, scan, and fax. Therefore, if your business operations involve these tasks, you should get a multifunction copy machine. 

However, you should also consider the specific features of these additional functions. For example, you need to buy a machine with a reliable print volume. Hence, before you go shopping, estimate the number of pages you print monthly. If your work entails printing many pages, you want a copier with a high print volume. You need to check the machine's scanning features, such as the resolution and maximum paper size. 

2. Speed

The chances are that your new copy machine will be used most of the time. For this reason, you want a machine that will allow your employees to photocopy documents quickly and get back to other tasks. Therefore, it is always advisable to invest in a high-speed machine. You can tell this by looking at a machine's copies per minute (CPM). But if you photocopy only a few papers occasionally, you can get away with a medium speed. 

3. Color or Black and White

Another factor to consider when buying a new copy machine is whether you want a monochrome or colored one. A monochrome copier can only produce duplicates in black and white, while a colored one can give you black and white copies and colored ones. If you want to make copies of marketing documents like brochures, flyers, or business cards, you need a colored copier with excellent graphic capabilities. 

4. Energy Efficiency 

Buying a certified Energy Star copy machine can save you money. For instance, these machines will go into a low-power mode when inactive. The machines will remain cooler when running, which means they won't affect your office environment. Hence, you won't need to use the air conditioner often.

Buying a new copy machine can increase productivity in your company. However, you should keep the factors discussed above in mind to make the right calls. If you are purchasing online, go through the description closely and call the service if you need clarification before buying.