If you enjoy sending handwritten letters to family and friends, even if it's only around the holidays, it's nice to have some season-appropriate stationery to write on. Instead of buying standard stationery at a local store, it can be fun to order a custom pad that you can use. A company that specializes in custom holiday stationery can print your name on the paper, your mailing address, and a message of greeting. One thing that you'll get to choose when you place your order is how you want the border to look. Often, the border is the first thing that someone notices when they hold a handwritten note in their hand, so it's important to select the right design. Here are three options. 


A border that depicts holly can instantly give your handwritten letter a classy holiday feel, given that this plant is synonymous with the holidays for many people. Holly features jagged green leaves and red berries and is a fixture in Christmas decor. You can talk to the stationery company to share some ideas about how large you want the holly to appear. It should be big enough that it is easy to identify, but not so large that it significantly cuts down on your writing space.

Kid-Friendly Images

You might like the idea of having your stationery border feature kid-friendly Christmas images. If you're a grandparent, writing notes to your grandchildren on this type of paper can work well. There are several different images that can work well. Don't overlook a simple design that features Santa Claus and his reindeer. You might also want the border to feature Christmas trees, tree ornaments, Christmas cookies, candy canes, and a selection of other images that are synonymous with this time of the year.


If you like the idea of having your custom stationery have more of a general holiday look than a Christmas look, you have a few options that can work well. One idea to consider is a border or snowflakes. Uniquely shaped snowflakes in light blue and silver hues can add a stylish look to your letters without being overly Christmasy. If you like the idea of incorporating other snow-related elements into the border design, you might want to feature a few snowmen—perhaps one in each corner of the page.

Find a custom stationery company in your area or online to learn more about custom holiday stationery.