When you think of a business card, you likely think about a small piece of card stock that is rectangular in shape. The rectangular shape appears on the vast majority of business cards, but you shouldn't shy away from thinking about a different shape when you contact a local print shop to have them design and print some new business cards for you. You might favor a unique shape simply because of its ability to stand out, but there may also be an opportunity to come up with a shape that ties into your line of business. Here are some eye-catching business card shapes to think about.


A diamond has a shape that is immediately recognizable, which can make this shape have a significant impact when you use it as a business card. A diamond-shaped design can work well for a variety of businesses. If you run a jewelry shop, for example, you might feel that this shape would be a good fit. The same shape can be suitable for many other jewelry-related professionals. A jewelry auction house or a jewelry appraiser, for example, might like the idea of having diamond-shaped business cards.

Die-Cut Bite Mark

Many commercial print shops have the ability to create business cards with die-cut designs. There are many different die-cut designs that can be a good addition to business cards. One fun idea that can leave a lasting impression on people is a die-cut bite mark. The cards themselves can have a standard rectangular shape but have a die-cut bite mark out of the corner. If you run a bakery, for example, this shape can work well. It sends a message that your baked goods are so tasty, someone couldn't help taking a bite out of your business card.


Don't overlook the value of choosing a simple shape for your business cards. A circle might not be as exciting as some die-cut options, but it can certainly stand out among its rectangular peers. A circle business card doesn't have to tie into your line of business. You might simply like it because of its unique look. However, there are lots of opportunities to tie your business into this shape. For example, if you run a tire shop, you might like circular business cards that feature the image of a tire in the background. Speak to a local commercial printing shop about unique business card shapes.